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1981 Fan Spectacular
Lulu Revu #9
Copper Toadstool #4
No Sex #1
Fantarama #9
Jeffrey Jorna's fan-tastic
Cosmos #1

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Lulu Revu was founded as a hard copy fanzine in 1978 by Vaughn Fraser and Barbara Teresa Anna Maria Przeklasa (BTAMP) It was published by Pubbug Press Publications and ran through issue number 9. You may look upon this site as #10 and a continuation if you wish but Lulu prefers a more open policy than being confined by mere numbers. We exist because we are!

Mission Statement

We intend to catalog and list 'vintage' fanzines from the 60s, 70s & 80s - a golden age for zines of all kinds. Our focus in particular will be on Canadian zines because we find these are not often listed by other zine sites. But this by no means limits our reach - you will find here a predominance of zines from ALL countries. We may even be able to show you some zines you didn't even know existed! (actually, that's a likelihood!)

'Vintage' fanzines were produced by lovers of comics and SF and who wanted to draw and write just like the pros. Granted, there are other sites that catalog these same zines but Lulu will try to go into a little more depth as well as attempt to supply cover scans (at least) and more detail. We will try to fill you in on the stories behind the zines of yesterday instead of giving you a dry listing of names and dates. As you can see by the small cover shot above left, Lulu Revu, our namesake, was one of these zines from that period and has a page of her own. Lulu Revu consisted of three people in her initial incarnation - Vaughn Fraser, Dale Hammell and yers truly, lari davidson. Lulu was named after the island upon which we all lived in Richmond, British Columbia - Lulu Island. Today that name has been lost within a modern municipality/city, but because I was born and raised on Lulu Island it seemed appropriate to reuse the name for this project.

As well we're going to try to review something special every month which we think might be of interest to those who come upon a page devoted to comics, sequential art, graphic novels and related esoterica. This could be a fan comic, a fanzine, a commercial comic or book....whatever takes our fancy and is just too good to ignore! We are nothing if not flexible! Look for the link to the left.

Please note that to our knowledge none of the vintage items on these pages are for sale....that's right - NONE! Lulu is neither a distributor nor a clearing house. She is a time machine if you will, a look back at what was happening in the three decades from the early sixties to the end of the nineties. Why did small press publishing hit a wall sometime in the 90s and go into decline? Perhaps we'll be able to posit some theories.....we'll see! Please use the links on the review pages to contact sellers of items that have been reviewed...these are the only items on sale but none can be bought from us here. Thanks.

So, enjoy the covers and other ephemera of these great old fanzines. In time we'll try to include contents pages, editorial comments, etc. If we do manage to trip over any of the old creators/contributors of any of these 'vintage' zines we'll do our best to get them to speak up and give their own versions of what it was like back in the good old days! Check out the Where are They Now? page. Lulu will be pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to discuss or comment upon the zines.


This is only the beginning - we plan to get a lot better! So come back every once in awhile as we gather more zines and post more info for your enjoyment!


Bald Ego #2

Have fun!

If you know of a publication which you think should be included in Lulu, please get in touch via the email link above or below. We're always happy to hear from lovers of old fanzines.

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There are NO zines for sale on this site! In fact there's nothing for sale at all! Items reviewed have all of the info about where and how you can purchase them. While it well may be that some of the original creators of the vintage zines have copies in existence we are not the distributor of such.


Astounding Xyloman
Thanks to Adobe Page Mill & Photoshop, Word Perfect and anyone we've forgotten! (O, yeah! Visioneer, too, without whom we would be scandalous....er, scanless!)

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